RKD created a high-touch appeal that brought:


increase in net revenue from 2017


increase in average gift size


gifts of $1000 or more

The Challenge

Increasing Average Gift Amount

The Salvation Army’s Camp Appeal performed consistently year over year, but RKD saw the potential for increased mid-level donor giving. By enhancing the current control package, our goal was to increase net revenue through a higher average gift.

The Solution

Enhancing the Camp Voucher Package

We introduced a high touch, mid-level package that looked like it was personally assembled for the donor. The package included a hand addressed envelope and reply, a proposal that outlined how donors could support the Camp Scholarship program, the major giving officer’s contact information and static arrays linked to specific gift amount benefits.

donor stewardship


Accessing Larger Gift Potential

The results were astounding! The Salvation Army’s direct mail campaign metrics improved in all metrics compared to the prior year, with a net revenue increase of 99.98% and an average gift amount increase of $67.31.

Mid-level donors are vital to a fundraising program’s longevity and require special attention. Personalized messages and multi-touch packages build deeper connections with this group and ensures their support.

Launching digital media donor acquisition was the perfect move for St. Labre Indian School. Digital media is an effective way to target new and current audiences. Deepening relationships with your current donors and connecting with prospective, supplementing your traditional direct response efforts.