There’s data behind our digital with actionable insights pulled from every piece of information.

direct mail

Direct Mail

Direct response programs thrive through advanced analytics, list segmentation and multivariate testing.


An aggressive acquisition strategy through list and media services target your most ideal prospects.


Discover how to turn big data into big results for your fundraising program.


Our award-winning team’s work will do more than move you, it will move the needle for you.


We use the power of data and analytics to hone in on lists with the greatest direct response potential.

The RKD 3D Approach™

Breakthrough Results and Insights

The RKD 3D Approach™ to fundraising allows our experts to get the deepest, most insightful view of your program, donors and areas for potential growth. RKD’s team allocates the time and resources necessary to create breakthroughs never thought possible for our clients.

Our Story

Devoted to Your Success

We see our work as a calling, not an occupation. You see it in the way we work with you, building bridges across departments, fostering better collaboration and working toward common goals. We work with you, hand-in-hand, to achieve breakthroughs that increase your donor reach, spark meaningful constituent engagement and fuel your multichannel fundraising.