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Our approach to diversity, equity & inclusion

RKD Group exists to help people find meaning and significance in their lives by connecting them, as donors or members, with organizations that are working to make the world more humane, just and compassionate. Acting effectively on that belief requires a commitment to fostering a collaborative and mutually respectful culture that welcomes diversity in the fulfillment of our company’s purpose.

We recognize that the definitions and pursuit of diversity, equity and inclusion can mean different things depending on the context and location of that work.

RKD Group defines diversity, equity and inclusion as follows: 

We recognize that every organization, and individual, is on a journey with respect to how they navigate DEI.  RKD has a group of cross-functional teammates who collaborate and steer our work in this area.  Our team both identifies areas of opportunity and elevates decisions to ensure that all RKDians can be their most true selves at work every day.  

Our emphasis includes the following pillars: 

Sexual Orientation
Gender Identity

Within the spectrum of areas and their intersections, our employee-led DEI Committee has prioritized Education, Community and Engagement as our points of impact.  

Our DEI goal is to ensure all RKDians feel welcome to bring their best and authentic selves to work. Within this goal, our intent is to foster and promote an environment of diversity, inclusion, acceptance and belonging.

Through our various activities, we believe that we can elevate our individual and collective consciousness, broadening mindsets and encouraging all RKDians to take ownership of their DEI commitment.