In this episode of our podcast, Groupthinkers, we sit down with Erica Waasdorp as she thinks about cultivating monthly donor programs.

“Every opportunity that you have, where you’re reaching out to your donors and your prospects, see where you can build in the option [for monthly giving].”

  • Erica Waasdorp, consultant, blogger, author and expert on monthly giving

Chipping away

In this episode of Groupthinkers, host Justin McCord is joined by consultant, blogger and author Erica Waasdorp as she thinks about monthly giving. Waasdorp underlines the impact monthly donors can have on an organization and how nonprofits can get their program off the ground.

What to think about:

    • Creating a positive outlook on monthly giving
    • Retaining monthly donors
    • Getting your monthly giving program off the backburner

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