Custom Solutions

RKD offers a suite of custom analytic services with several components that can deploy separately or combine into one application to further enhance results. These models enable you to:

  • Reduce acquisition costs
  • Increase revenue from current acquisition lists
  • Provide greater insights into list performance
  • Leverage geographic optimization

Our advanced analytic tools determine key metrics that enable us to evaluate list performance related to the average gift and response rate needed for success. Always systematically working along the way to fine tune each list and optimize long-term value for your donor file. Mining the data to accelerate a higher financial return across all giving levels.

Targeting the ideal audience for your charity enables you to mitigate attrition from the start. In addition, we implement lapse prevention modeling across your database to understand the exact communication strategy that will keep your constituents the most engaged. As well as a lapse recapture model that helps you activate those donors who have become dormant.

We are much more than just a fundraising and marketing company. We’re a group of highly trained statisticians absolutely obsessed with bringing in the most dollars possible to your program.

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Optimizing Emails With Personalization

Donor analytics allow for better fundraising innovations, including email personalization and more effective communication. RKD Group was able to create this analytical breakthrough for Gleaners Community Food Bank.

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There’s data behind our digital with actionable insights pulled from every piece of information.

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Direct Mail

Direct response programs thrive through advanced analytics, list segmentation and multivariate testing.


An aggressive acquisition strategy through list and media services target your most ideal prospects.


Discover how to turn big data into big results for your fundraising program.


Our award-winning team’s work will do more than move you, it will move the needle for you.


We use the power of data and analytics to hone in on lists with the greatest direct response potential.