A modernized approach for an evolving brand


The mission of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) is to end drunk driving, help fight drugged driving, support the victims of these violent crimes, and prevent underage drinking.

When MADD came to RKD Group, they were looking for more than an agency. They were looking for an innovative marketing partner who could help them modernize their digital approach for the future.

Since our partnership began, our team has worked alongside MADD to help them optimize their current digital program through innovative technology and a fresh new look.

We began by auditing their existing digital program, running tests, and making optimizations in the following areas:

Our Role

Brand Development

Creative Direction

UI/UX Design

Website Optimization

Digital Acceleration


Lift in new and reactivated donors


New donors


Increase in average gift size

Donation Form

We wanted to create an experience on MADD’s main donation form that was highly emotive, reflected their modernizing brand and reinforced the impact a supporter can make with their gift.

Tests & Optimizations:

  • Tested a new donation form with a stronger headline, copy and image
  • Added an option for donors to cover credit card fees
  • Implemented Double the Donation so donors can search for corporate matching gifts
  • Simplified mobile user experience by adding functionality that allows the donate button to hold a consistent position while the user scrolls

Since these optimizations to the donation form, the site ecommerce conversion rate has nearly doubled, more funds go directly to the organization’s mission thanks to “cover the fee,” and annual digital revenue is at an all-time high. 


We know that users tend to get overwhelmed when presented with too many options on a homepage, bypassing them altogether. We worked with MADD to simplify their homepage with a fresh new look, while optimizing the user experience.

Test & Optimizations:

  • A/B split testing a static image with a donate call to action vs. a rotating carousel in the main feature area
  • Adding a branded icon to the Donate Now button to help it stand out
  • Adding an email sign-up widget to build the email list
  • Integrating an interactive giving widget under the main feature space

The static image test version on the homepage proved to be the most successful, getting visitors into the giving funnel more efficiently. This optimization paired with the other modifications made contributed to an increase in revenue and a boost to the email file size.

Monthly donor conversions

Monthly donors are a critical part of any program, and we set out to draw more attention to monthly giving as an option to improve conversions.

Tests & Optimizations:

  • A/B split testing on the main donation form with two different button treatments
  • Adding a monthly giving pop-up to the donation form that calculates a recommended gift based on the donor’s selected one-time gift
  • Creating a five-email drip campaign to improve conversions for qualified candidates

Since these tests and optimizations, recurring gift transactions have gone from making up 4% of gifts to an average of 30% of gifts per month.

Optimizations lead to experimentation

With our optimization and testing-first approach, we were able to help MADD transform their digital program in a modern and impactful way. From there, we began to experiment with new and cutting-edge technology to see how donors responded.

The RKD and MADD team worked together to come up with an innovative creative solution that would immerse the reader in the MADD mission. Through the use of an animated GIF in email, the reader was shown a video collage of the impact of drunk driving and how it impacts victims.

The use of motion and animation provoked the reader to click to learn more about the technology that can be used to stop these terrible crashes from occurring. Recipients clicked through at rates equivalent to or better than those typically achieved for major events like #GivingTuesday or Year End. The link took readers to a custom donation form with corresponding creative and copy.

This is just the start—now that MADD’s digital program is optimized for fundraising and features a more modern look, we’ll continue to experiment with new and innovative ideas to keep them on the cutting edge.

“RKD’s commitment to rigorous testing and optimization has not only transformed our digital program but also the look and feel of our brand. We’re grateful for a partnership built on innovation, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.”

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