RKD optimizes performance to drive online acquisition and net revenue through search, mobile, display advertising and more. Transitioning millions of prospects into donors, building emotional equity among these constituents and solidifying lasting relationships that continue to increase in value over a lifetime.

We believe the best acquisition programs start by identifying the right channel, right audience and right offer to build a list. It’s no surprise that our donation websites continue to outperform other organizations in the same non-profit fundraising space. Month after month. Year after year.

Fact: Some organizations see email churn as high as 30% annually with two-thirds of emails not opened regularly. That’s why our team creates custom list building campaigns to reduce churn whether it’s a single campaign or long-term program.

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Multi-Channel Success

Successful fundraising is defined by acquisition and conversion. RKD Group provided both of these components to Lurie Children’s Hospital for their Valentine’s Day campaign.

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There’s data behind our digital with actionable insights pulled from every piece of information.

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Direct Mail

Direct response programs thrive through advanced analytics, list segmentation and multivariate testing.


An aggressive acquisition strategy through list and media services target your most ideal prospects.


Discover how to turn big data into big results for your fundraising program.


Our award-winning team’s work will do more than move you, it will move the needle for you.


We use the power of data and analytics to hone in on lists with the greatest direct response potential.